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Happy Place is the new sensation amongst Los Angeles natives. So, if you are visiting the area, don’t miss out on visiting the new pop-up experience. It is in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. The purpose of this place is to create a happy vibe for anyone who walks in. Once you walk in you will be surrounded by all things HAPPY. This becomes like a dream come true for every person who steps into this world. Once inside this magical world, you can snap some great selfies. Inside is a floor filled with confetti! Yes, you can dance around in the confetti dome and walk out happy. That’s not all, in addition, you can also take an amazing picture of you or your loved ones jumping around the rainbow and land in the pot of gold at the end. This site is the perfect picture spot for your social media.

The Arts District is right in Downtown Los Angeles. The gritty area has given new life to old industrial buildings whose history often dates to the early 20th century. Creative art has always been in this area but behind closed doors. Recently, it has become a sensation and the art has also been brought out in the open for anyone to enjoy. Art galleries have opened and given recognition to the area amidst the entire downtown where Art museums and additional galleries can be found. The district continues to be a popular location for filming due to the historic vibe. In 2016, the head of the neighborhood’s business improvement district commented that “There’s not one day where there’s not shooting.”



1242 Palmetto St. Los Angeles, CA  90013



Begins at $28


Hours of Operation


Open 9:00AM-9PM






So, if you in town don’t forget to stop by and visit the Happy place. Need a place to stay? Well, Dixie Hollywood is here for your affordable stay!

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