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Burbank International Film Festival

Burbank International Film Festival

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Burbank International Film Festival

The Burbank International Film Festival will be taking place on September 6th-10th, 2017. To begin with, Hollywood is known for its accomplishments in the film industry.  So, any sort of film festival held in Los Angeles is a big deal. The Burbank International Film Festival Board of Directors is filled with talented industry professionals and production executives.

The Film Festival is organized to present films in one or more cinemas and/or screen venues. The focus of the Burbank International Film Festival is to promote and applaud International films that deserve recognition. The films previewed generally have important social meaning. The production behind these films hold plenty of passion. The Burbank International Festival has partnered with AMC Theatres in Historic Downtown Burbank to screen these films. So, this means space for more films and more tickets!

This is a great opportunity to watch films created by producers, writers, and many other talented professionals from other countries. Any film enthusiast will definitely enjoy this. In fact, this experience can encourage many to appreciate films that aren’t largely promoted in the media. There is a set schedule on the movies they will be playing each day of the festival. Furthermore, the genres of skits offered are comedy, drama, student, animation, faith based, sci-fi shorts and many more! You can rest assure that there will be something for everyone.


Some of the films that were selected for the event are The List, The Last Smile, Garlic and Gunpowder, Limelight, and Brand New Old Love.

Burbank International Film Festival

Brand New Old Love

On the last day, there will be a Closing Night Gala & Awards Show. All the creators of the films will attend and the winners will receive their recognition.


This is an event you won’t want to miss. Need a place to stay? Remember, Dixie Hollywood is here for your enjoyable stay!


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